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Lenco L-30 - Turntable Semi-Automatic Turntable

  • $299.99

Lenco L-30 Turntable: Where Sound Meets Style

The Lenco L-30 Turntable harmonizes timeless design with modern technology to bring forth an exceptional listening experience for music enthusiasts. This turntable effortlessly blends style and function and is available in two captivating variants: Black and Wood.

Immerse in Nostalgia, Embrace Modernity

Are you eager to share the melodies of the past with the future? The Lenco L-30 treats you to resplendent high-quality sound that leaves both you and your children captivated. Its user-friendly nature even lets them independently play their favorite records. Equipped with a Moving Magnet (MM) Cartridge, auto stop feature, belt drive mechanism, and a built-in pre-amp, the L-30 offers both convenience and excellence. It accommodates records at two speeds: 33⅓ RPM and 45 RPM. Additionally, a removable plastic cover keeps your turntable protected from dust.

Preserve Memories with Ease

As time progresses, your cherished vinyl records may become delicate. Safeguard your beloved melodies by digitizing them using the Lenco L-30. By connecting the turntable to your computer via the USB port, effortlessly transform your vinyl treasures into digital sound files that can be enjoyed across various devices.

Music at Your Fingertips

Wherever you venture, the Lenco L-30 ensures your favorite tunes are always at your side.

About Lenco

For over 75 years, Lenco has been synonymous with Swiss engineering precision in the realm of Hi-Fi and consumer electronics. With a commitment to innovation, Lenco offers an extensive range of "smart-choice" consumer electronics, including turntables, radios, speakers, and more. Crafted using cutting-edge technology in their facilities, Lenco's products cater to individuals of all ages and life phases.

Incorporating a blend of modernity and nostalgia, Lenco products are characterized by their innovative designs and exceptional value for money. The brand's passion for creativity and quality shines through its offerings, setting it apart in the market.

Since 2015, Lenco has been a part of Commaxx International, a global leader in smart choice consumer electronics.

Our Take On The Lenco L-30

The Lenco L-30 presents a captivating offering from Swiss powerhouse Lenco, delivering both effortless music listening and seamless digital conversion. This turntable encompasses unique features that set it apart from traditional audiophile turntables. Notably, it boasts auto-stop functionality, perfect for those late-night sessions. Additionally, its built-in phono preamp allows compatibility with various amplifiers through line level inputs. With its USB-B port, you can seamlessly digitize your cherished records, preserving them for posterity or enjoying them on portable devices. Carry the soulful sound of vinyl wherever you go - a remarkable feature indeed.

Main Features & Specifications:

  • Design: Belt Drive Turntable with Phono Preamp & USB PC Output
  • Plays: 33⅓ & 45 RPM records
  • Dust Cover: Removable hinged plastic dust cover
  • Digital Transformation: USB-B Port for PC connection to convert vinyl to digital
  • Cartridge: Audio Technica Moving Magnet Cartridge
  • Phono Preamp: Built-In Phono Preamp
  • Output: RCA line output
  • Convenience: Auto Stop, Belt Drive
  • Construction: Wood Veneered MDF Cabinet
  • Included Accessories: 45 RPM Adaptor, AC Adaptor, Cleaning Cloth, Dust Cover, MM Cartridge, RCA Cable, Platter Mat, Software CD, USB-B to USB-A Cable
  • Available Finishes: Black & Wood
  • Dimensions: 410 x 115 x 330mm
  • Weight: 3.28kg
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 Years

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