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Tickets - Vegan & Vinyl - GIVE UP the CUP

Tickets - Vegan & Vinyl - GIVE UP the CUP

  • $40.00

Welcome to the second edition of vegan & vinyl. This time around we are providing a respite from all the BS melbourne cup events by hosting our own race event. This race doesn't involve any animals just 3 local community organisations vying for the glory of the inaugural GIVE UP THE CUP trophy. More race details to follow but imagine Amazing Race around Leederville in around 20 mins. Punters will also be able to bet on the teams racing. These bets will be donations to the organisations involved which earn you tickets (1 for every $5) into the raffle of amazing prizes. eg if you bet $20 on team A - team A receives $20 and you get 4 tickets into the prize draw.

There will also be a best headwear competition and we will be spinning all the vinyls, slinging all the cocktails and wines, and making all the canapes. 

$40 prior or $45 on the door (if there's any left). Ticket price includes drink on arrival and all day canapes.

NB In case you are not sure there is no horse racing or watching of horse racing during this event. The purpose behind this event is to provide a cruelty free alternative for Perth peeps on the first Tuesday of November and have some fun doing it!

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